Saturday, 23 May 2015

ASCO 2015

The 2015 ASCO Annual Meeting will start in Chicago at the end of next week.

Title this time- Illumination & Innovation- transforming data into learning 

Very relevant to Melanoma indeed as we still have way to go before advanced Melanoma will be considered a curable disease!

Like last year, I'll be attending the conference and write about the most interesting Melanoma findings and general observations of interest for our community on this blog but please, I'm just one person, so make sure you check out all other options how to follow! As you know, everyone keeps the latest findings for events like this!!


You will find the program overview here, and search by session here -particularly relevant will be obviously the Melanoma/Skin Cancer track, but also the Developmental Therapeutics and Translational Research track tends to have information relevant for Melanoma. 

You can search for abstracts here

For a quick overview, print the track program here - the pdf is also available on the MPNE forum.

It is worth browsing the poster abstracts as one tends to find very interesting observations there.

And they even made a video to explain how to most effectively search the program!

There is a special page for patient advocates and please check out these options how to stay updated about the latest news via social media and mailings.

On twitter, make sure you follow @ASCO, @ASCOpost and the meeting under #ASCO2015 - and obviously tag your own posts accordingly to contribute :-). And we are @MPNE, just in case!

And please let me know should you be there and wanted to meet up for a coffee!


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