Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Name your topics of interest

This time, I plan to collect interesting updates per topic- in addition to single updates- so if you had particular areas of interest, please add them under comments here!

Nothing promised but I'll do my best :-)

For very specific questions- e.g. regarding a single new drug or the follow up of a basic research paper you've seen- please check the ASCO abstracts here first.

And please should you find anything of relevance in the abstracts/ ASCO documentation online that you feel the wider Melanoma community should read, please directly comment on the relevant post or the extra post 'Noteworthy ASCO findings'.

Topics planned so far-

  • Acquired resistance to targeted therapy
  • Combination of Ipi and PD1
  • Adjuvant options for Stage 3 Melanoma


  1. Combinations of targeted therapies and imunotherapies
    Management of brain tumours
    Latest vaccine developments

  2. drug sequences and combinations (Tvec-Pembro) and changes to clinical trials design ??

  3. Triple combination Dabrafenib,Trametinib and anti-PDL1 (MEDI4736).

  4. the age old question of Interferon as adjuvant - is it worth it

  5. T-vec and combinations with immunotherapy: