Saturday, 30 May 2015

Value-based Health Care Delivery

Sitting in a really good session by Michael Porter, Harvard Business School, on Value-based Health Care Delivery who takes a very high-level perspective at Health Care Delivery.

He argues that previous attempts of improving Health care haven't really moved the needle in order to address the real challenges of how Health Care is delivered. He therefore advocates for Health Care delivery based on Value.

He defines Value in Healthcare like this-

Value =     Health outcomes that matter to patients
                     Costs of delivering the outcomes

And argues for a Holistic approach in looking at Health care delivery-

OUTCOMES are the FULL set of health results that matter to a patient
COSTS are the FULL set of costs of care for the patient's condition

He defines a

Strategic Agenda

1. organize care around Patient conditions- Integrated Practice Units instead of organisation by discrete speciality

2. measure outcomes and costs for every patients

3. move to bundle payments for conditions

4. integrate multi-site Care Delivery Systems

5. expand Geographic Reach in areas of excellence

6. build an enabling Information Technology Platform

I think that we have come across most of these- in the specialised centres and multi-disciplinary teams Melanoma should be treated- but might be a good idea to have a more systematic look at it from an advocacy perspective: how does what we see very specifically in our countries compare against e.g. this agenda?
What do we miss? What do we want to see? And how do we measure what Value means for Melanoma patients?


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  2. Here in also an interesting approach, even not completely related

  3. Something indeed we need to reflect on and to see how we can get involved. Holistic medicine requires holistic ways to deliver healthcare- separate specialities are not in the best interest of the patients- including financially; separatism is leading to higher healthcare costs e.g. by expensive repetitive investigations. What melanoma patients want from healthcare systems? Well, simply saying ''Care about me without adding any supplementary stress on top of my condition''..